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Tamiya Radio Control Tanks From THE TANK FACTORY

The 1/16 full option model tanks are some of the most advanced models yet from the renowned model producers Tamiya.

The attention to detail on these models is outstanding, and they perfectly replicate all the movements of the real tanks.

The models have both forward and reverse movement and fully independent control of the left and right tracks enabling left and right slow turns, fast turns, skid turns and pivot turns.

The models also feature turret rotation, elevation of the main gun and one of the most advanced and realistic features of the models is in the form of the recoil action when firing the main gun.

The sophisticated sound module replicates all the sounds of a real tank with astonishing realism as all the sounds were recorded from the full size tanks. The module recreates the sounds of the tank cranking, starting up, running and shutting down as well as the sounds of the turret rotating and the elevation of the main gun.

However, one of the most impressive features on the models is the way that Tamiya have managed to create a perfect replication of the firing of the main gun. The sound module replicates the sound of the main gun being elevated and a muzzle flash accompanies the sound of the main gun being fired. As the main gun is fired, the tank shudders in a perfect recreation of the recoil experienced by the real tank. (This is facilitated as the model automatically runs the track drive motors and gearboxes for a second or so). To complete the sequence, the main gun recoil motor and gearbox retract the gun barrel and then allow it to return slowly to its original position, perfectly mimicking the action of the real gun. (No gun recoil action on the Sherman)

Both the main gun and the machine gun give muzzle flashes and are accompanied by the sounds of the guns real-life counterparts being fired.

All of the sounds produced by the sound module have been meticulously recorded from the real tanks and then synchronized perfectly with every movement of the model, so that as the tank accelerates and decelerates the note of the engine changes accordingly.

However, the attention to detail and the similarities between the model and the real tank go even further. Tamiya have engineered the tanks with a fully working independent metal suspension system, metal sprockets, rubber tyred road wheels and pre-assembled metal and resin tracks.

A 4-channel radio control, two 7.2V battery packs, a battery charger and basic modelling equipment such as paint and glue will be required to assemble and run the models.

TAMIYA 1/16 R/C German Tiger I Early Production Full-Option Kit




TAMIYA 1/16 R/C Pershing US Medium Tank M26 Full-Option Kit


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